Elder Health Concerns

It’s no secret that as we get older our bodies are prone to wear and tear – from heart health to cognitive conditions or malnutrition. Fortunately, there are ways to manage and improve health issues, especially if you or a loved one have a good support network. 

And if you’re looking for complex care in Blackburn for yourself or a relative, our carers can be there as little or often as needed to help with a range of daily tasks.

Why choose Choice Care?

Some conditions are not always obvious to the untrained eye and can often fall under the radar. Our care is designed to bridge the gap between traditional homecare and nursing, meaning we’re uniquely placed to help to identify and prevent issues from loneliness and depression to unsteadiness and balance. Our carers are also trained to spot early signs of medical conditions so prevention or treatment can be applied sooner rather than later.

The most common senior health concerns

Heart disease

Heart disease risk factors increase as we grow older and are among the leading causes of death worldwide. High blood pressure and cholesterol can trigger heart conditions and strokes. To lower your risk, a healthy, balanced diet is essential, along with rest and gentle exercise.

Our homecarers can help manage these risks by ensuring you or a loved one are eating regular and nutritious meals, and assisting with mobility and light exercise where possible.


Dementia is a progressive and life-changing cognitive condition, affecting people’s memory, mood and eventually their awareness of their surroundings. While there is not yet a cure, dementia can be managed and its symptoms slowed through activities that promote cognitive function. 

We have dedicated staff who specialise in caring for those living with dementia. Activities including reminiscence – exploring items or sensory experiences to trigger memories – and an emphasis on routine, good sleep and a balanced diet all help those with dementia feel as calm and comfortable as possible.


As we grow older, our muscles begin to weaken and falls are more likely. A tumble can cause serious damage among the elderly and it’s the leading cause of injuries, such as hip fractures and slipped discs or head trauma, in senior citizens. 

As well as monitoring trip hazards, our carers are trained to spot the signs that someone is developing conditions that may affect their mobility or balance, which helps to prevent accidents.


Studies have shown social contact can be vital to our health – particularly for older people who may be less physically able to leave their home or may be bereaved. Loneliness has been linked both with depression and reduced immunity.

We pride ourselves on our compassionate approach to care and forming connections with the people we support. Our service not only covers household assistance and personal care but everything in between – whether that’s a listening ear over a cuppa or sitting down to watch a favourite show together.

We can also help to manage mobility issues that may increase the risk of isolation.


Malnutrition is often a side effect of other conditions, such as a cognitive or physical disability or poor mental health. Circumstances such as limited income may also play a part. A poor diet can affect your immunity and may cause muscle weakness so it’s important to ensure a nutritious and balanced diet is maintained.

Our homecare service takes a holistic approach to support. Every aspect of our care is designed to manage and improve your or a loved one’s well being or condition where possible. This includes everything from personal care and gentle exercise to nutritious meals and companionship.

Whether you or someone you love needs support for their cognitive, physical and mental wellbeing, we’re here to help. Give us a call on 01254 504905 to let us know what we can do for you.