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Safeguarding & Confidentiality

Safeguarding means protecting people’s health, wellbeing and human rights, and enabling them to live free from harm, abuse and neglect.

Confidentiality is about protecting privacy. This means any information written down or anything that you tell someone about will be kept between you and that person. For other professionals like doctors, nurses, social workers and social Care Worker providers it is part of the law to keep information confidential (Data Protection Act). However, they are required to report information if they feel an individual or another’s safety is at risk.

For a copy of our Safeguarding or Confidentiality Policy please contact us and we will be happy to send you a copy.

Our Care Professionals

All our care professionals are recruited from the local area and we are an equal opportunity employer. Induction training is completed and they must attain pass scores in each of the subjects covered such as medication, health & safety, safeguarding, the role of the carer, end of life care etc. They must also complete a number of shifts in the presence of a supervisor to ensure that they can comply with care plans and deliver the required care. Soon after starting work they will start their Diploma/NVQ qualification in care, which will take between 6 to 9 months to complete.

How care is Arranged

Once we receive a referral for care, either privately or via Social Services, we arrange for a Supervisor to visit the person to discuss/assess their needs, choices and preferences. The assessment must also ensure that care professionals can work in a safe environment and deliver the care in a safe manner. Its important to involve a person’s relatives or representatives if possible.

The person is given a copy of our Service User Guide which contains important information about what they should expect, what our standards are, how to make a complaint and what our terms and conditions are. Once the assessment is done we write a Care Plan which records the results of the initial meeting and considers that care plans are not set in stone, often changing and adapting over time in response to a person’s changing needs.


In 2016 we held our inaugural awards dinner to promote, recognise and celebrate the hard work all our care professionals do. The awards included those for long service, end of life carer, special recognition, service users choice award (when the service users themselves can make a nomination) and carer of the month, from which is selected the Carer of The Year.

Awards are important to anyone connected to the company, as they offer an independent affirmation of quality and commitment to the local community, the service users and their families and the staff. Where one wins, we all win.

How We Record a Care Visit

All our carer and service user records are kept on a rostering system which allows us to allocate a carer to specific care visits for a service user. That then becomes the regular rota for that carer.

When a carer attends a call they scan a chip in the service users file which logs the arrival time and on leaving the end time. The system also allows the carer to sign off on each task agreed in the care plan, and record each medication administered. Each carer will make these entries on each visit and record any comments.

The service user and or their family, with the service users consent, can access these records themselves and see in real time what is being done. This is available directly from Everylife Technologies.

How we’ve helped real people

Here are three real life cases that illustrate the kind of work we do and how we respond to need.

Suzanne – A Working Mum

Many people have busy lives and a packed-up schedule. This is made even more difficult when you have to care for a relative throughout the day and night. You might…

Elizabeth – Dementia

We specialise in Dementia Care. When we allocate a dementia trained carer to a person with a dementia, it is done with a view to promoting routine and stability. That consistency…

Linda – End of Life

If you’re thinking of End of Life care, read our end of life care example. We offer a caring, professional quality care service, with compassionate, well-trained staff. Here is Linda’s story:…

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