The difference end of life care can make

The difference end of life care can make

End of life care can be a difficult and emotional subject to broach with a loved one. But, since most people would rather stay at home than go into a hospice or care home, it can be a worthwhile conversation.

If your family member or loved one would like to remain in their home, an experienced end of life care provider, like Choice Care, can help make this a reality.

If you’re exploring end of life care in Blackburn, read our guide on how it can make a difference to your loved one and how we can support you and your family during a difficult time.

Why choose end of life care?

Figures from the Department of Health show there is a huge disparity between people’s wishes and their actual experience, when it comes to end-of-life care.  According to the DoH study, most people would prefer to spend their last days at home but, in reality, less than 20% actually do, with the vast majority of people passing away in acute hospital beds. 

End-of-life care should help your loved one to live as well as possible and provide the care and support to give them a dignified death. Being at home can help bring a sense of comfort to someone who is nearing their final days.

What does end of life care involve?

There is no specific timescale for end-of-life care and how long they require support will depend upon an individual’s circumstances and any health conditions they may be experiencing. Of course, this can also be affected by how soon they express their preferences regarding how they wish to be cared for during this time. 

Our carers will invite discussion regarding their wishes so an advanced care plan can be tailored according to their needs, should there come a time when they can’t make their choices known. The plan can involve friends and family if they request this. These will be reviewed and updated regularly.

Practical care considerations can include administering medication, palliative care and working with organisations across the social care network to ensure a joined-up approach to deliver the wishes discussed in their plan.

We will also support you, any carers and the family through the emotional and physical challenges that are often faced when the time comes, such as the administration involved and bereavement support.

Why choose Choice Care?

Our experienced end of life home-carers can help make this difficult time as smooth as possible. We can cover the practical side of your loved one’s care needs while also providing companionship, and be around as much as they or you, would like.

Choice Care also holds the nationally recognised NHS End of Life Accreditation with East Lancashire Hospice, and we work closely with you to ensure our care provision is delivered in the best way possible.  

We are also accredited in the 6 Steps End of Life Care Pathway, developed by The Department of Health, to ensure the utmost care standards are met. The steps include:

1.  Open and honest discussions around the approaching end of someone’s life.

2.  Assessment, care planning and review.

3.  Coordination of care, which involves strategic coordinating and rapid responses to emergency situations.

4.  The delivery of high quality services.

5.   Care in the last days of life, which includes acknowledgement of their last days, a review of their needs and preferences and support for your loved one as well as you and your family.

6.  Care after death, which includes taking administration tasks, contacting the undertaker and bereavement support for the family.

We know thinking about the end of a loved one’s life isn’t easy but we’re here to help. If you’re looking for end of life care in Blackburn, give us a call on 01254 504905 and find out how our end of life care can make a difference.