Suzanne – A Working Mum

Many people have busy lives and a packed-up schedule. This is made even more difficult when you have to care for a relative throughout the day and night. You might be interested in Social Care packages which can be tailored to suit you and your needs. Here is an example of what social care packages Choice Care can offer you and your relatives:

Suzanne works full time and has a busy family life. She lives close to her Mother who needs help with her personal hygiene, dressing and meals. After several years of caring for her Mother, balancing the demands of her family and professional life is becoming increasingly difficult.

She has heard about social care from a colleague and approaches the Local Authority for help whom contact Choice Care to commission a social care package incorporating three visits a day in the morning, teatime and at bedtime. We arrange to see both Suzanne and her Mother to find out what difficulties they have so we can tailor a package of care for her Mother, and to alleviate the demands Suzanne experiences.

Even though Suzanne accepts the care the emotional and family ties make it difficult for her to pull back, so we agree a staging plan where over a few weeks we increase the visits up to a point at which Suzanne feels comfortable enough to let the carers help her Mother with her daily activities. As a result Suzanne has a better balance between professional and family life confident that her Mother is being care for by a regular team of carers that they have both got to know.

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